MichiDe provides a unique approach to support Luxury Property Owners and Hospitality Management Company with a dedicated Sales Representation office in The Middle East. MichiDe acts as a devoted Direct Sales/Business Development extension to achieve optimum exposure, keeping the Property in constant contact with their customers, tirelessly consolidating its presence within the Middle East and growing its market share accordingly. MichiDe’s Hotel Representation service guarantees a personalized approach for each property, with MichiDe’s Experts focused on communicating the Property’s distinctive philosophy and unique selling points throughout the Region.


We help the Tourism Board boards, tourism suppliers around the world to set a solid entry to the Middle East travel market and acquire a substantial shares within span of years time. Our marketing experts have a wide range of experience in The Renowned Luxury Hospitality Organizations, Middle East Travel Trade and . We help companies to analyze Middle East tourism industry , introduce them to key trade partners and promote their product to the right audience.


MichiDe provides Private Travel Design to Middle-Eastern Travelers eager to discover the world from another angle, offering a range of unique Luxury Hotels, 5 Star-Boutique Hotels, upscale Private Villas, and revitalizing Health Wellness Retreats from around the globe. We offer LifeStyle Management to Royalties, High Net Worth Individuals, Government Entities and C-Level Associates, ensuring a refined delivery of personalized and meaningful experiences.


MichiDe offers advanced In-house Training Programs to help Organizations optimize their Sales and Marketing performances. MichiDe applies innovative yet practical approaches, focusing on Commercial Competency Management within the professional environment. Partners and Key Players in the Region are contentedly taking advantage of MichiDe’s Training Solutions.


MichiDe acts as an independent regional market research expert, conducting quality assurance projects for Hospitality and Customer Service within various business sectors (Luxury Hotels, Upscale dining restaurants, Luxury Goods, Shopping Malls, Airlines, Automotive and Banking). Our direct survey involves support from our mystery shoppers and top influencers from different nationalities, gender and cultural ethnics. We have a proven track record of successful project execution in developing quality standards of service in each sector.


MichiDe initiates and builds sustainable business plans, ensuring a clear vision and strategy from start, leading towards the desired competitive advantage, providing successful execution of high return-on-investment, on strategic and critical projects. MichiDe Business Solutions provides a full suite of services designed to get the business running and profitable in the fastest and most efficient manner.